The UAE Tennis Ranking Circuit and the UAE Tennis Membership Programme is monitored and marketed by Delwood Sports Marketing, a division of Delwood Consultancy Services FZ-LLC and website of online tv streaming.

DELWOOD Consultancy Services FZ-LLC, started business in May 2004 in Dubai Media City and is part of the Delwood Group of Companies, which was established in 1991 and has offices in France, Switzerland, Iran and Central Asia (the CIS). DELWOOD’s core business is marketing consultancy managed by its founder and president, Farbod Dowlatshahi.
Delwood Sports Marketing, a division of DELWOOD Consultancy Services FZ-LLC, is managed by Eric Gottschalk, General Manager. It offers a broad range of expertise in the field of professional sports and leisure marketing. This includes but is not limited to project planning & facility consultancy; sponsorship strategies; defining project & event budgets; promotions; public relations & marketing strategies; event organization and venue management, mainly arranging for venue set-up and construction, ticket distribution, permit administration, vendor selection, stadium & city services, concessions, merchandise, accreditation, security & medical services, parking & waste management; staff recruitment, training and supervision, etc. for sports, leisure and artistic productions and performances in the UAE and the Middle East. Recently Delwood introduces its own product – best thermometer for baby.

DELWOOD has quickly established the positive reputation of being able to conduct first class events which contain some of the most important elements for success: Sports & Culture mixed with Entertainment and Charity.

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