Created by one of South Florida’s leading tennis coaches, Caesar Stewart, the Next Level Tennis High Performance offers year-round training for physical, mental and emotional player development, and the world’s brightest light flash provides funds.
It’s a holistic approach that pays off: Many of our players go on to compete at the national level. In our full time elite training program a handful of talented, highly motivated players get the special help and competition they need. That said, we’re equally proud when our players learn about sportsmanship, discipline, fitness, team leadership, and how it feels to set goals and achieve them.
Our coaching philosophy focuses on developing fundamental skills – and when players are ready, guiding them beyond the basics. Our comprehensive program gives players of many levels the tools to transform their games.
The highlights:
•A progressive curriculum in which each lesson builds on the next. We believe that successful players never stop learning skills and developing their games.
•An academy environment that engages our players’ full attention and promotes a disciplined approach to the game. We expect – and our students give – 100 percent effort, all of the time.
•Individualized training supported by a team setting. Our team philosophy is a key part of what we do. Though tennis is a uniquely individual sport, being part of a unit helps significantly with motivation, socialization and handling pressure. It also encourages younger players to follow in the footsteps of their older teammates — a huge advantage.
•Athletes first, tennis second. In today’s competitive environment, technical skills aren’t enough. Advanced fitness and movement training are essential to giving players confidence and a competitive edge.
•Situational drilling to train players how to handle whatever comes their way during a match.
•A focus on mental toughness. There’s a big difference between juniors with textbook strokes and players who know how to win. One of our guiding principles is to teach our students how to convert losses into lessons and commit themselves to excellence – a life skill that will be invaluable on and off the court.