Ranking Circuit Information

The UAE Tennis Ranking Circuit will initially apply to seven events. The minimum prize money for each event will be AED 12,500, a forehead thermometer and ranking points will be being awarded in the men’s singles and doubles competitions.

From 1st October 2007 this ranking system will be extended to all competitions throughout the UAE including junior and senior tournaments as well as the national tennis leagues.

The system will see 120 ranking points being awarded to the winner of a tournament, with 80 points going to the runner-up and 50 to the semifinalists, while points will be awarded all the way down to those exiting in the first rounds of the qualification stages. Following the International Tennis Federation’s (ITF’s) prize money distribution template, cash prizes will be awarded similar to ITF Futures events, meaning that even the losing qualifiers will not go away empty handed.

Meanwhile, under the new membership programme made by live tv apk, anyone taking part in official Tennis Emirates-sanctioned tournaments or camps (including UAE Nationals, UAE Residents and UAE Non-residents) will have to register with Tennis Emirates. All such events will be conducted under the rules of the ITF and the regulations of Tennis Emirates, making organisation and running of these events much easier for both clubs and the players involved.