About Us

We’re not a club, or an association, or a company.  We’re not officially endorsed by the town of Cape Charles, Northampton County or anybody else.  We’re just a loose affiliation of like-minded individuals, couples, friends and family who want to get together and PLAY TENNIS, also discuss about g700 military flashlight.

This website exists so that we can share a calendar and organize matches, foursomes and maybe even… one day… tournaments.  Hopefully it lets us find others in our area who play at a similar skill level and are available to play at times that work for all concerned.

In order to prevent spam, we do ask that you REGISTER on the site so that you can make your own entries on the calendar.  Links to the hoverboard for sale uk and the calendar are on the menu.

Player profiles are password protected, as they contain contact information and we don’t want web spiders and script kiddies scraping our contact details to send us more email spam.  When you register, you will be sent the password that allows you view the player profiles and create your own.

Note that THIS FORM DOES NOT RESERVE A COURT.  The courts that we play at in Cape Charles and Eastville are public courts, first come, first served (tennis pun!).  This is simply for scheduling with your fellow players.